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NewsPutsch provides ‘clever news’ through story strength and trust bias influence.

Story strength and trust bias: Story strength and trust bias influence the value and reputation of content contributors which also determines any revenue a writer generates. NewsPutsch delivers news to users through a weighting trust bias factor, by extracting information corresponding to at least one named entity. An article is uniquely delivered to the user/reader in accordance with the strength metric.

Geo location: When a reader joins NewsPutsch publisher, they set a geo location within our software, this sets a geo focus for news content which enables us to service you with local news (note: the details don’t have to relate to accurate or current residence – that’s up to the person registered). As they read the content, a profile is set, allowing NewsPutsch to provide the reader with ever more bespoke news. Content items have an interest value which corresponds with the geographical location of the reader/user. Therefore, when modelling the distribution of news content, news publishing platforms typically seek to characterise content as of “local” interest or of “regional” interest. NewsPutsch determines geographic relevance as a function of geographic proximity to the reader.

Data privacy: has been at the forefront of the design of newsputsch and so if privacy is a primary concern, then you can feel fully assured about using our application. Users have access and the right to delete their user track at any time. As technology has evolved, tag-based collectors have caused data leakage on an unprecedented scale. If not treated responsibly such data leakage could contravene ePrivacy and ultimately erode consumer trust. NewsPutsch safeguards data used and we ensure users always have access and the right to delete their user track at any time.

No third party release data: We release no data except under Irish jurisdiction to lawful government requests in relation to tax (to most worldwide tax authorities) and terrorism. Users and organisations generating revenue from NewsPutsch are subject to ID vetting. Through surveys and user clusters we will not identify individuals.

Content: The value in content was eroded with the birth of the internet. Free user facility and paid for features provide value for money, but our policy also ensures that professional and responsible journalism is rewarded

Warning: Users must be aware that any online alias, adopted, is likely to be used to identify them if they are not careful regarding alias selection.

NewsPutsch provides a pay-as-you-go business model.

  • NewsPutsch has created its own virtual currency or electronic voucher system for its publishers.
  • iDollars are a voucher system expressed as an internal currency.
  • i$ enable a publisher’s readers/users to purchase single articles at a click.
  • NewsPutsch makes its platform free to its SaaS publishers on shared revenue basis.
  • NewsPutsch takes a 30% cut of its publishers revenue. This incorporates subscribers, advertisers and single article purchases (micro-syndication).
  • Micro-syndication fee is a payment handling charge.
  • All payment handling charges are free of VAT to NewsPutsch and any publisher using the NewsPutsch application.
  • Net payments to the publisher are subject to VAT in their country or jurisdiction.
  • NewsPutsch is a global platform and so all of its publishers are subject to VAT in the reader’s home jurisdiction. Tax responsibility lies with the publisher users of the platform, wherever he, she or company is located within the 206 sovereign states in the world.
  • Reports on income need by provided in the presumed country.
  • Users take responsibility and account for corporation tax and meet all other local fiscal requirements.
  • We use Paypal for international e-commerce payments and money transfers to be made on NewsPutsch.
  • We accept direct transfers to our corporate bank.
  • We endeavour to maintain appropriate overall standards of moderation, hosting and user management.
  • We market content and sell individual articles in full. We follow all of PayPal’s existing rules and regulations.
  • Advertising is an impending software release with access to more ways to drive advertising content through our social network, email, SMS. Premium/Super Advertiser.

NewsPutsch has invested $millions in order to create our global publishing platform. As a result:

  • Publishers benefit from our pay-as-you-go business model.
  • This means platform participation is free for publishers. However, there is a one-time set up fee of €250 providing a logo is submitted with the application.
  • However, if a publisher wants to use an ‘ad player’ then we charge $1,000/month to accommodate this. An ‘Ad player’ bypasses the NewsPutsch revenue model and so a premium has to be charged should you require that option.


“Our policy ensures that professional and responsible journalism is rewarded.”

Karl Capp, Co-Founder

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