About us - NewsPutsch

Rolonews LP founded NewsPutsch: The collective publishing platform for news and magazine content

Irish company Rolonews LP created NewsPutsch Publishing which provides amonitored news engine offering standards for publishing responsible content. NewsPutsch delivers an immediate ready-to-go publishing platform including mobile for both established and new publishers, massively reducing investment costs for existing and new publishers and in doing so, generates new revenues in revolutionising a sector with a dying business model.

The opportunity

The cost of news publishing has risen significantly while the revenues generated have fallen and so the publishers’ business model is broken and individually can’t develop viable revenue models specifically to meet digital advertising expectations. Publishers can no longer compete with search engines and social networks because Google/Facebook have become better at targeting consumers.

In order to compete and disrupt Google/FB control, publishers require a publisher collective initiative and platform which they cannot achieve unilaterally and publishers need to greatly reduce software overheads, tech/mobile investment and concentrate on revenue generating content, and in doing so, they will present a more potent adverting offering.

NewsPutsch IP

  • IP consists of own application platform, text AI platform and analytics software.
  • NewsPutsch generates automated news and uses open data to generate verifiable stories.
  • Aspects of the text AI platform are subject to patents pending in Europe and the US – confirmation of status is available.


  • The Rolonews LP NewsPutsch publishing software has strong IP patents (Geo & Story Strength)
  • NewsPutsch possesses breakthrough technology enabling vastly more efficient and cost effective content generation and publishing
  • Value added content and vertices provided to add value beyond simply displaying news
  • Articles are displayed with a list of related entities about which the AI ontologies already know (ontology works like wikipedia)
  • Entities themselves, within articles, are clicked on to display an ontology network of entities they are related to
  • A user can follow entities as well as other users.
  • In addition to discovering relevant entities, users have access to full text search of the entire multi publisher content database
  • IP consisting of our own application platform, text artificial intelligence (AI) platform and analytics software, plus a P2P lending platform designed and developed for ThinCats, which also drives our payment and accounting resource.
  • NewsPutsch offers publishers full social network interaction through its Collections feature

Rolonews LP’s NewsPutsch platform will transform news and publishing

The platform is an antidote to Google and Facebook’s assault on publishers. Publishers participate through white labelling, also gaining a digital news streaming service and have a collective interest and revenue stake in the platform.

Publishers own and take control of subscription and content sales and ultimately advertising, where reputation management heavily features in the technology. In today’s environment, it’s no longer sufficient to think about reputation management only as crisis management. Reputations will be considered as a constant, competitive advantage; a driver of growth and prosperity; and a strategic asset and this is the direction advertising is heading in and it will feature heavily to the benefit of our publishing partners.

NewsPutsch is an editorial collective, focussed on credible, regulated news, allowing only publishers to participate as they sign up to ensure editorial standards.

Each publisher sets the price of their own subscriptions and micro-syndicated articles, and also takes a cut in those single articles they present on their app. Basic membership is a freemium service and each publisher manages their own pricing.

NewsPutsch has a strong value proposition for publishers and readers

NewsPutsch gives publishers control and connects them with a massive mutual audience directly. Through a ‘white label’ licensed app at an affordable price with savings made on software development, support and hosting and mobile/tablet native app. A technology cooperative is provided that replaces most of a publisher’s present digital spend. We have payment, accounting and analytics software and a virtual currency, making transactions simple.

Business model revenue generation

  • Micro-syndication single article purchase
  • Annual premium and business premium subscriptions with marketing machine analytics
  • Native advertising/sponsorship
  • Business opportunities